Cameras - Part 1

This will be a several part post, the first I will show you the cameras I used to get into photography, after that I will show you some I have collected over the past months, I tried to make the photos a bit more interesting, hopefully it doesn't look like a boring catalogue! :)

On the first day of 2009 I got a bridge SLR camera, a Fujifilm S5800. For a starting camera I couldn't fault it, some of my most popular photos were taken with it. Here are a couple of examples Cannibals Breakfast and Poison, both got Daily Deviations for which I am very proud! :)

Fujifilm S5800

Sixteen months later I got a new camera, hurrah! I got a Pentax K-X, interchangeable lenses... ah so much better. Since I got the K-X I have been exploring my skills as a portrait and fashion photographer, while I have worked with quite a few brilliant models so far, it seems to be quite a slow process to get into the field. However I find it very enjoyable, meeting people though photography is great! I will keep at it! :D

Pentax K-X

Digital photography is truly amazing and probably taken for granted, however during my brief photography course at college I really fell for analogue photography... It's hard to explain but there is something about the way the photos turn out, it just seems to have more character.

During my course I used my dad's old Nikon F, it was quite damaged by fungus but it was still enjoyable, even if the photography course was not! I would very much like to have the use of a dark room again though... maybe someday I will build my own. :)

Nikon F

A few months ago I found a camera in a second hand shop that had particular relevance to me. When I was about three years old my mum took me to a boot sale and she bought me a camera to play with, over the years I lost that camera. However I found it at that second hand shop! It seemed a lot bigger back in the day though.

Kodak Brownie Cresta 3
First Camera

Above is a photo of me at my third birthday (I think) showing my new camera to my granny. I thought I was Mr Cool, I was obviously correct! :D

In the next part I will show you some photographs of cameras I have recently added to my collection. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. :)

Until next time!