Using Lego

Before I got myself some slightly more professional gear all of my photographs were devoid of people, I wasn't all that interested in portraiture or fashion photography at the time and most of my photographs were little concepts and ideas that were portrayed using inanimate objects, and a lot of my best photos were made using Lego. Here are a few of my personal favourites. 

These ones were taken using a cheap starter camera. Cost £99 at the time, I am sure there are better ones for that price now but I would have recommended it at the time, it's a Fujifilm S5800. For these I just went to the Lego website and ordered a load of spare skulls and skeleton parts, well worth the money I think, kept me amused for a while at least hehe.

Body Count
Bone Soup
Simply Skeletal
Semiperfect Number
Baron Samedi 1
Baron Samedi 2
Lego Man Is...
Baron Samedi's Cocktail 1

Black And White
Big Daddy
Simply Happy
Skin Please
Baron Samedi's Cocktail 2
Here is a link to my Lego set (har har) on Flickr:

Until next time! :)