Bloody blimey! My first paid job.

So this was a couple of months back now but I am crap at doing a blog so I am writing about it now hehe.

I had my first ever paid job back in September, it wasn't a huge deal project wise or anything but it was great to actually be paid for doing what I normally do for free.

It was also my first ever shoot totally shot indoors with a simple backdrop. I had to convert a small area of my parents living room into a studio and I had to use the chimney breast as a background. Luckily for me they 1, like white walls and 2, weren't home to get in the way lol.

Here is a little shot of the crummy set up I had.

You might notice in these photos I had my flashes there and my reflector all ready to go, but my wireless trigger decided to break, as well as my 2nd wireless trigger haha. So I just ended up using the huge window and all the lovely battery free natural light instead. That was probably for the best too!

As for how I managed to get the job, my mum's friends son needed some headshots done as he is embarking on an acting career. Proof that it is who you know even for the most basic of jobs. Here are a couple of the photos we got in the end.

The chap in question is called Ben, look him up in 20 years time, hopefully he will be an Oscar winner and I can retire on one of the out-take photos hehe.