The Chattri Shoot

Today I had a fantastic shoot at a great albeit remote location! For several weeks I have been planning to shoot with



a model who I have previously shot with

) and it finally came together! Along with stylist

Hugo Harris

, make-up artist

Rebecca Rojas

and hairdresser

Emma Hellier

we drove out to the countryside and trekked up a huge hill through sheep, cows, thorns and 'mud' with a fortunes worth of dresses in tow. The shoot was for a bridal magazine and to showcase some 

Renaissance Couture

 designs as well as a bit of a portfolio update for everyone involved.

The location for the shoot was The Chattri, a First World War memorial to the Indian soldiers who sacrificed themselves during the fighting. As memorial sites go it is quite out of the way, we were wondering how people would easily get to it! turns out you can't easily get to it lol.

Last night I did a sketch of what I was hoping the scene to look like, and it turned out about right, save the low quality of my drawing skills. :P

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the day! Can you tell we are half dead from cold?

Photo: Rebecca Rojas

Photo: Rebecca Rojas

Photo: Rebecca Rojas

Photo: Hugo Harris

And here is a preview of the shot I am editing first!

This was by far the biggest shoot I have done, in terms of people working on it. I couldn't have wished for a better bunch of people to work with! Thanks everyone! Off to my editing cave for a while now...



Make-up by Rebecca Rojas -

Styling by Hugo Harris -


Hair by Emma Hellier -

Photography by... well me lol. -

Dresses by - 

Renaissance Couture

 and Former Glory