Fuzzy Felt!

The other week I met up with the lovely Katy for a little shoot. We were going to go to a few locations but after about 25 minutes it starting raining and we had to call it a day. However we still got some nice photos before the weather changed! 

Here are a couple of them!

This was also the first shoot I have had since getting my Bronica, still getting used to it but I hope I managed to get something, I haven't been able to get it developed yet though so I will have to wait and see! Looking forward to using it again in future shoots though, fingers crossed! :D

We had to take shelter in the Pavilion Museum after the beach which turned out well, we got to make up a poem from magnet words and a picture from fuzzy felt! So overall not the must successful shoot number of photos wise, but the most successful fuzzy felt wise!

I love to play with my magic monkey friend because he whispers and glows as we ride father every night in the garden pretending that a girl went home by fast a (should be a fast haha) birdy.

I wonder of how it has read mother like she always though you are not happy or good together.

The little boy talked all big but was more different at music.

Take from that what you will... probably a reason to get us sectioned lol.