The Skeleton Project

The other day I acquired a new chum in the form of a 2 foot tall skeleton... see, we are best friends!

I had it sitting around for a few days before I could think of anything useful photographically to do with it, then after staying up for about thirty hours and enjoying a coffee or two I was a wash with inspiration (you can judge for yourself whether it is good or bad hehe). 

I have never done a long running project before such as a 52 week or the 365 day challenges. I have always thought they seemed like a great way to keep a photographer on their toes, unfortunately I am far too lazy to go out and about for nature shots or whatever and finding a model to shoot every day or every week would be quite impractical. 

With this in mind I have decided to use this skeleton as the subject for my 52 week project. I don't know what it should be called, I suppose I will know by the end. However for now it will be 'The Skeleton Project'... hmm, yes that will do. :D

I actually took quite a few weeks worth of photos today so I know I will at least get a bit into the project before giving up, not that I am planning to give up but you know how it is lol.

Here is a bit of a preview of what the project might be like. I will most likely start it in the next few weeks, maybe new year.

I also made a stop motion film featuring the wonderful talents of the skeleton today, it's just a bit of fun but that will most likely be around before I properly start the project. So make sure to keep and eye here or on my Facebook and Flickr for updates and such.

Here are a couple of the behind the scenes (although not much scene) of the stop motion too. :)

Thanks for reading!