Stop! Motion update!


So after spending a hefty chunk of hours putting together a bit of the first stopmotion I did I decided it wasn't very good lol. While I was taking the photos I knocked the tripod and everything was off about half way though and I don't think I took enough frames either so it looks a bit jerky.

Here is the first version, not properly edited but just good enough to show you what I mean about it being a bit rubbish hehe. there is no sound on it because I will be redoing it, but you can imagine. :P

I did another not bothering to go to bed thing the other night and started on a new version. I am most likely going to add more scenes to it but this is what I have so far. Filmed from the back of my camera, so you are watching a video filmed with a camera filming the back of a camera of photos taken with the camera that are to be turned into a video... :D

It is also going backwards and the scenes have no relation to each other lol, but a preview is a preview so who cares!

I think the chances of me following this project through the whole 52 weeks is getting more and more likely, I have spent too much time on it already and I haven't even done week 1 lol.