What's in the bag?

Quite a hefty number of blog posts ago I did a little show and tell sort of thing about the cameras I had collected up to that point (parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here. As it is now, my collection hasn't grown too much. Most notable additions were the Canon 5D Mark II and the Bronica ETRsi. If you don't get bored of reading this however you will see them in a moment!

Back in July I took a photo to finish up the roll of film that was in my camera. I had recently seen a few of these What is in your bag type things and though that was as good a use of the last shot as anything else. I uploaded it to Flickr and after a couple of weeks it somehow managed to get almost 4500 views, which is over 4000 views more than any other photo lol. Here it is if you were wondering.

Anyway I though I would have a go at doing another one, but this time focusing on the equipment I take on photoshoots instead of the old crap I carry around every day. No one asks questions like "What sort of equipment do you use?" But if they did this would answer it lol...

Ok so I will start with the bag itself. It has a bit of a grim history actually. Many years ago, before I was even born my fathers friend inherited the bag and it's original camera (a Nikon F) from a guy who hung himself... cheerful eh? Anyway my father eventually bought it off of his friend and it became the family camera for many years, capturing every event from Birthdays to Christmas and holidays to lazy Sundays in the garden.

Unfortunately while the camera was being stored our house leaked and most of the equipment was ruined, however the bag survived and how been on almost every photoshoot I have done. 

I am not one for badges most of the time but I make an exception for these two!

In the front pocket I store usually store my Canon AE-1 Program along with the Kodak strap in the style of a roll of film.

The pocket at the back is where I keep and a Zeiss IKOPHOT light meter for use with the Bronica and a small stash of business cards just in case!

As I open the bag you see two pockets on the flap, here is where I store spare filters, adapters, memory cards and spare rolls of 35mm and 120 film.

In the main part of the bag I managed to fit in quite an impressive selection of equipment considering the size of the bag. Bloody heavy though! The most important being the lovely body of the Canon 5D Mk II along with a 50mm f/1.8. The second body is the Bronica ETRSi along with it's 75mm f2.8, 35mm and 120 film backs, prism and waist level finders as well as a speed grip. There is also just enough room for the 50mm 1.8 that fits on the Canon AE-1 Program.

So that's a look at the equipment I use, thanks for reading if you did!

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