Black Lace And The Skeleton Project - Week 05

It had been about 10 weeks since I had last done a photoshoot, that being the Chattri shoot last year (saying it like that makes it sound longer haha). So I was extremely happy to arrange to meet up with a new model for an afternoon of shooting in central London.

On Thursday I met up with the beautiful Stephanie for a test shoot, the first of hopefully many more to come! We didn't have anything too particular planned, just an outfit and a few general location in mind. I had an idea to use strips of lace wrapped around the models neck and wrists to compliment then dress and add a little bit of something to the photos, here is a drawing from my sketch book that I did the night before:

Just as I was leaving for London it started hailing and it rained a couple of times when we were shooting but luckily we caught some rays of sun and managed to get some great photos, here are a few previews:

One of the photos was also accepted to be added on my PhotoVogue portfolio! :D You can see it here, any votes would be hugely appreciated! :)

I will be posting more stuff from this shoot once I have finished editing them, be sure to 'Like' my Facebook page for regular updates! :)

And now for week 5 of the Skeleton Project! this weeks photo is a bit strange but oh well. :D

Week 05:

Thanks for reading if you did! :P See you next week! :)