The Skeleton Project - Week 03

Hello, hello, hi and hello!

Week three is upon us and it's time for a hangin'. Gather the townsfolk for this photo!

Week 03:

I took this weeks photo is the relative discomfort of not my own garden so inevitably I got lots of strange looks for performing a hanging in the local park. As you would expect, dog walkers and women with small children cant see the enjoyable side to hanging. Not to mention the ironic waste of time hanging an already dead person would be! They looked at me as though I had killed their very own children, bugger them in the face I say!

I took this photo using a Praktica TL 5B. First time I had used it too, so I was a bit nervous about whether it would even work. The film was also already in the camera when I got it, it looked like it was quite an old roll. But despite taking those two risks everything came out ok! I took quite a lot of different photos on this shoot so they might crop up in later weeks because I like quite most of them. :D

Thanks for looking! See you next week! :)