Meeting the wonderful mind of Katie Eleanor!

I have been following the work of Katie Eleanor for a long time now, her imagination and creativity along with her immense talent as well as her obvious pleasant nature had her straight on the list in my head of people I would love to work with some time.

Back around the middle of January I got in touch with Katie in the hopes of setting up a little shoot in the coming months. We threw a few ideas around and settled on a bit of a theme and a location in central London to meet up. Here is a quick sketch I did before the shoot of the sort of thing I was aiming to get, I think we pretty much got it too! :)

As usual with a lot shoots I arrange rain seemed to be involved and it decided to tag along with us almost all the time we were shooting. But we didn't let water spoil things so we pitched the tent made of sheets, hoisted the bunting, lit the candles (which blew out immediately) and pulled the creepy doll out of the bag!

I am still working on the photos and waiting for the film to be developed but here is a bit of a preview of what we managed to get before having to give in to the rain, cold and dark. :P

After we were done shooting we went to dry out and warm up in a nearby cafe and while enjoying a beer I got to talk to Katie about all things photography! What could be better? :D It was pleasure to work with her, and I hope we can collaborate in some way again in the future!

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