Stuff + The Skeleton Project - Weeks 09 and 10

Hi there everyone!

I missed posting a skeleton project photo last week so this post includes two photos! The first is a black and white from the animation I am working on (but not actually working on at the moment, other things to do lol) and the other is another shot from my 'Hanging' series.

Week 09:

Week 10:

In other semi-related news I am having a tour of the photography department of the University I am applying to next week so that should be interesting! The MA course I applied for isn't available, I am going for a BA instead so fingers crossed! :D

Also if you missed it here is a little video I put together from my shoot with the wonderful Katie Eleanor. Photos from that shoot soon too! You can see my other videos here:

I should have something new to post soonish, got some more shoots coming up so keep your eye on my Facebook page as I update it most regularly. Hope you enjoyed this and last weeks photos, see you next time! :)