The Skeleton Project - Week 13

Last week I saw a link that was posted by The Nonsense Society, as everything they link to is in general a wonderful thing I of course clicked! It led me to a website that had an archive of anthropology books. A lot of the images are drawings of body parts for medical research etc, the image that was linked was of particular interest to me as it was perfect inspiration for my project.

This work of art comes from a book called The Anatomy of the Bones by William Cheselden. If you have seen previous photos from my project, or even read the title of this blog entry you will see why I was inspired to recreate this image.

Here is my version:

I also did a bit more of my stop motion for this project, it is still a long way from being complete but the frame count is now up to about 730 so there is something at least!

Also, I have had a couple of features in the past few weeks. You can have a look by clicking the images below! You should check out the websites too. 

Seven By Five:

Ballad Of: