Book Shoot + The Skeleton Project Week 16

Warning, a cliché thing to say is coming up lol.

If someone had come up to me a couple of years ago and said "Tom, in 2 years time you will be doing a shoot in your home studio with a beautiful model for Lara Jade's new fashion photography book" I would have been weirded out that they knew my name and also I would have thought them quite the insane person. But! Here I am, a couple of days after finishing that shoot.

So as I alluded to in a previous entry (here) I was approached by the company (Ilex) that is publishing Lara's new book and they asked if I was available to shoot a section of the book about studio lighting and how different set-up can effect the photos. I said yes and got to work setting up my first studio (In my parent's living room, but lets gloss over that part lol)! I am not sure when this will be going out but I am sure I will be going on about it when it does. :P

Here are a few behind the scenes photos from the day and a couple of previews from the shoot with the wonderful Stephanie!

We had planned another shoot at a great location but the weather turned bad as we were getting close to leaving so we decided to leave that one for another day (watch out for that one, it should be good). It got a bit late and the weather took another turn, this time from crap to amazing! We decided to take a walk down to the beach taking photos along the way. I am so glad we did as I think we got some of the best shots of the day there.

The Skeleton Project - Week 16!

Amongst all the activity this week the skeleton almost got forgotten, but I found a few minutes to go into the garden when the sun was shining to take this weeks photo. In this one the skeleton finds himself to be alone, two deckchairs for one.

Also if you missed it the other day one of my photos from my shoot with model Chessie King and make-up artist Lucy Chloe Jordan was accepted on PhotoVogue, if you like it please follow this link and click the "I Vogue It" to vote! 

And just a quick reminder again, I have entered the Art Takes Times Square competition! If you like my photos please follow this link and click the "collect Me" button. :)