Home Studio + The Skeleton Project - Week 15

Back in October last year I had a little meeting with one of the guys from a local publisher based in Lewes called Ilex, the meeting was basically just a chat about finding models and how to get started in photography as a bit of research for one of their books. I got a whisky at the pub we met in and a couple of lovely photography books, it was a good evening and I didn't expect anything more to come from it.

Turns out I was wrong!

I got an email from them the other week about a little project they need doing for a new book they are in the process of making with the unbelievably amazing Lara Jade. I will talk about that more in a couple of weeks after the shoot is done but in preparation I had to get some new equipment!

Yesterday I got two rather large boxes delivered to the door, inside of which was a bounty of photography equipment.

As you might well expect I ripped the boxes open with glee and a larger than required knife (I was in the kitchen) and started testing out all my new stuff! Here is a photo of the hasty set up and testing of the lights:

Later on I managed to find a decent spot with enough space to set up properly, I was actually quite surprised how good it all looked, the lights make the living room look better that's for sure!

And last of all a quick self portrait test with the softbox, this will be better when I am replaced with a beautiful model but my house isn't where you find them so I will have to wait a couple of weeks. :P

I am hugely excited to have this opportunity, and I am already looking forward to summing it up in a upcoming blog post haha. I have a few personal shoots coming up soon as well so keep an eye out on here for new things! Lets get the 2012 photo ball rolling (not very well put together ending)! :D

Also here is week 15 of The Skeleton Project: