Fleeting Moments From A Shoot + The Skeleton Project Week 23

As you might have seen in previous posts (here and here) I recently had another fantastic shoot with the beautiful Stephanie. Sometimes on a shoot I will take a few video clips, sometimes for a cinemagraph or specifically for a video project I have in mind. this time the clips were intended for cinemagraphs, one of which is below!

I decided that I would create a video as well for this shoot, it is more of a preview for the upcoming images than anything story based. I hope you enjoy either way. :D

Week 23 is here and that means another bone based image! This week is quite a simple portrait of our thin friend. bit weird with the processing but it was boring otherwise. :P

You can follow the project on Tumblr here: skeletonproject.tumblr.com!

Also if you missed it I am doing a small print giveaway on my Facebook page for one person to win an A4 print of their choice. More details here.