Brighton Fashion Week 2012 and The Skeleton Project Week 24

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting the Brighton Fashion Week - Ready To Wear show along with some back stage bits too! Not only was it my first time shooting a show or doing behind the scenes at an event it was also my first time seeing a fashion show live.

I packed my camera bag the night before day one, I packed my flash, batteries, diffuser, mini dish and a zoom lens... everything you might need for shooting far away and in low light... right? Well yes, however the flash stopped working and my lens decided Error 1 was a good idea. So I had to stick with the 50mm and that lovely chum, ISO.

Despite the unfortunate equipment situation I had a fantastic time and got some great photos! Not only that but I met some cool people too, most notably editor of 125 Magazine and amazing photographer Perry Curties and the awesome designer and stylist Joey Bevan! I actually ran out of cards by the end of it, I was a complete card whore! :D

Here are some of the behind the scenes photos:

And here are some photos of the show:

Here is a list of designers who were at the Ready To Wear Show. Find out more at BFW website or check out the links below. :)

Arthur & Betty
Ben Crane
Charles of London
Jade & John / Gemma Landing
Joey Bevan
L. K. Bennett
Pretty Eccentric
So Yeon Park
Susi Sposito
Tina Elisabeth Reiter
Tramp Vintage Boutique

And here are links to the people involved with the hair and makeup backstage. :)

Electric Hair
The Retreat
Alice Stephens Makeup

For this weeks Skeleton Project photo I thought I would give a bit of scanography a try!

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