Random Stuff and The Skeleton Project Week 25

Lots of bits in this blog post! Here goes! :D

I forgot to put it in a previous post but a few weeks ago the amazing people at Anormalmag.com put together a wonderful little feature of my work on their website titled Subtle Emotions, if you would like to have a look at what they wrote and the images they picked just click the image below and it will take you right there. :)

The print giveaway is over and the winner is...is...IS!! .... 

Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite, congratulations to you Ella! Your print is on it's way! :D

The following bit is all about voting for me in things, you might want to skip ahead. :P

I have entered the competition ELLE are holding to find people to their upcoming internships. I of course entered the competition for the chance to be their fashion photographer intern! If you think I deserve a vote you can do so here. :) http://www.elleuk.com/internship-2012/fashion-photographer/(intern)/902728 Voting ends this Sunday... so tomorrow... so if you want to vote make it snappy. :P

And I have also entered the TigerCamer, Shoot Share And Win competition for a chance to have my photo printed in their upcoming photobook! If you would like to vote click the image below and it will take you where you need to go. :)

AND! Earlier this week one of my photos from my latest shoot with Stephanie was accepted on my PhotoVogue profile! If you like it make sure to click the "I Vogue It" button! :D

And for this weeks Skeleton Project photo I entered the world of instant photographic gratification.... Instagram! I actually had to pinch my dads phone in order to take this photo but I will have my own phone capable of using the app next week so you can expect more from me then! You can follow me there if you like! @tomsimmonds

Before that though here is a little bit of skeletal inspiration from Walt Disney in 1929! The Skeleton Dance!

And this weeks photo! Pales into insignificance after that video but still... :P