Shooting With Marta, Times Square and The Skeleton Project Week 27

Shooting With M

Last week I had another amazing shoot the beautiful M. We had been planning this shoot for quite a while, Marta is leaving England to start her career as a stylist in Poland so we wanted to do something special before she left!

We picked the date for the shoot quite a few weeks before hand and by some miracle it was (I think) the best day of the year so far! The weather was PERFECT and everything came together! The day started out for me by being picked up and driven to the location along with the rest of the team. We drove along the coast to Newhaven Fort where we found an excellent almost deserted beach. 

Although it wasn't without dangers... obviously this is where we set up the wardrobe! :D

The location allowed us to get 5 different looks which took 7 glorious hours! Marta's flare for styling was obvious, as I hauled the giant case along the beach I had no idea of the delights that would spill from it.

During the shoot I got thoroughly sunburnt and it was great. :D 

Thanks to the wonderful Caroline who assisted us we had snacks a-plenty to tuck into between looks and as we drew to the end of the shoot she pulled out a splendid bottle of cold red wine of which a glass went down very well indeed.

Here are some more behind the scenes photos from the day showing Angela and Caroline working their make-up and hair related magic!

And here are a couple of previews, a LOT more to come from this shoot but I haven't got quite that far into the editing yet.

Credits for the shoot are:




Marta Wolniak Fashion Stylist


Angela Wilkinson

Assistant: Caroline Flynn

Photography: Me! 

Thomas Cole Simmonds Photography

And huge thanks to Jon who drove us to the location, getting a bus there would have been a nightmare haha.

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for more updates on this and other shoots too, a lot more stuff to come! :)

We will all miss you Marta!!

Art Takes Times Square

On the 18th the

ArtistWanted - Art Takes Times Square

event happened and my photo was on display! :D I am not sure if it was just this one image or how long it was on display for but it's still really exciting to have had my work seen over there! 

Photo taken by Viktoriya - THANK YOU :D

The Skeleton Project

And here is this weeks Skeleton Project photo! Week 27 is here, over half way! Don't forget to follow the project



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. I have been using it on my last two shoots, it's so fun for quick behind the scenes stuff and previews! :D