SomethingIndie Shoot and The Skeleton Project Week 26

A couple of months ago I was approached by the wonderful Wendy, the brains behind online clothing boutique to take photos for their next wave of branding. I of course said yes! The weeks passed and everything was planned out and the shoot took place last Sunday. Wendy had arranged for us to use a pub in Wandsworth called Grand Union, the garden and interior of this place is amazing and the perfect place to shoot. 

They also did amazing pizza, could it get any better? :D

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the day!

Photo: Lara Crudgington

And some more during the shoot! 

Photo: Karyn Rehbock

Here are a couple of previews and wips from the shoot too, got a huge pile of editing to do now. :D

I had a fantastic time shooting on Sunday with such a great team, beautiful models and wonderful clothing!

Credits for the shoot are:

Stylist: Wendy Irene
Clothing: SomethingIndie
Assistant: Karyn Rehbock
Photographer: Thomas Cole Simmonds

Huge thanks to Grand Union for letting us shoot there!

Keep your eyes peeled for the final images on SomethingIndie soon(ish)! :D


Just as I posted this blog one of the photos got accepted on PhotoVogue! :D You can see it properly by clicking the image below!

And now for this weeks photo for the Skeleton Project! The skeleton is enjoying the noonday sun while chilling out on it's crucifix in this one!

Don't forget you can follow the project here! :)

And lastly the winner of my print giveaway was the ever so talented photographer Ella Ruth Cowperthwaite! The print is on it's way! :D