EBTG Bride and The Skeleton Project Week 30

EBTG Bride Shoot

A few weeks ago I had another shoot with


(you can see that entry


) for a bridal boutique called

EBTG Bride

, I just finished editing the photos and here are a few of them! :D

Credits for this shoot are:




Courtney Scarlett Boyd


Everything But The Girl Bridal Boutique


Thomas Cole Simmonds

I have also finished the photos from the shoot before that one but I am waiting to hear back to see if they will be published so I have to keep them hidden for a little bit longer... not too much longer though I hope as I can't wait to release them!

Making a Studio... update!

Over the past week I have been slowly converting my room into a usable work space, and now I have a place to do studio shoots if need be! Here is a little sketch I did before hand and this is what it turned out like, not too far off as it turns out. :P 

Hopefully I will have some shoots to show you in the near future shot here!

The Skeleton Project

Week 30!! Still a little surprised I got this far! This weeks photo shows a little bit of a mutation, two heads are better than one, although I imagine these two would argue a lot. You can follow the project