Making a Studio and The Skeleton Project Week 29

Making a Studio!

So this week I decided I would give myself one month to properly set up my business, albeit on a very small scale! I am currently emptying my room out and setting up my backdrop, lights etc so I can start offering portrait sessions as well as having somewhere a bit more permanent to experiment. :D

I did a little sketch of what it will look like when it's finished and it is actually turning out quite well, I put the stuff up for a quick test and it looks ok, now it's time to repaint though!

The Skeleton Project

It's week 29! Not a huge amount to say about this one, I was experimenting with making an image that looked like an x-ray and this is what I ended up with. I will probably have another go at the x-ray another week, it was quite fun. :D You can follow the project here.