Test With Eleanor and The Skeleton Project Week 31

Shoot With Eleanor

Last Tuesday I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Eleanor Froud! We decided to go to St Jame's park in London, we braved hot weather, Olympic crowds and unfortunately placed stinging nettles!

We got five different looks in the various locations around the park. As we were shooting the 2nd to last look in a patch of daises some crazy old woman called the police on us, apparently were weren't allowed past the little fence thing... luckily we managed to get the shots before we were moved so she didn't spoil things too much. :D

Here are a couple of previews!

Keep your eyes peeled in an upcoming blog post for the finished photos! :)

The Skeleton Project

So for week 31 I decided to give the skeleton a lovely milk bath! Good for it's bones I am sure! The daises stuck on it's head and in it's eyes are picked from my granny's garden and they all shrivelled up on the drive home, luckily they add to the whole dead vibe. :P 

Don't forget you can follow the project here.