Shoot for Chasseur Magazine and The Skeleton Project Week 34

Shoot for Chasseur Magazine

The other week I noticed the new Chasseur Magazine looking for content and I got in touch with them and after a little chat we decided to do a shoot for their upcoming issue. Straight away I contacted the beautiful Eleanor who I had shot with just a couple of week before (you can see that shoot here). Along with Eleanor I worked with the fantastic make-up artist Courtney Scarlett Boyd who I had also previously shot with (you can see that shoot here).

We drove to the quiet town of Eastbourne in beautiful weather to shoot in a little secluded garden area that happens to be behind a pub, not a bad bonus! Although when we walked in it did feel like walking into a saloon in a western... and the people dealing drugs in the toilet wasn't that great. Was nice in the beer garden though haha.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the day!

Photo by Courtney

Photo by Courtney

Here are a couple of  back of camera previews, more to come from this shoot in a future blog post! :)

Nameless Rebellion Magazine

I was featured and interviewed in the 2nd issue of the wonderful Nameless Rebellion Magazine at the beginning of the month (for which I am so very grateful to the lovely editor Karina) and my copy popped through the letter box last Saturday! Although it isn't the first time I have been in a magazine it is the first time I have been able to get a copy and I must say it is very exciting! :D

You can view the entire magazine here, which I recommend you do, it's packed with great artists! And you can also purchase a print version there too.

Be sure to like Nameless rebellion Magazine on facebook and help support them! :) 

The Skeleton Project

It's week 34! We had a nice bit of sun recently and I spent the whole day in the garden with my skeleton! Here is one of the photos I managed to get!

Don't forget you can follow the project here.