Sisters, Engagement and The Skeleton Project Week 35


Over the past month or so I have been planning to shoot for submission to a magazine. Last Saturday the day finally came! The weather was amazing, the team was fantastic, the models beautiful, the make-up elegant, the clothes exquisite and the location magical!

We all made our way the the quiet riverside town of Lewes, the location for the shoot was the Grange, normally used for quiet picnics and wedding photos. We turned one corner of it into out very own set, studio and fitting room.

Me with my favourite thing, unfortunately it turned out the cog that winds the film on was set wrong and I didn't actually get any photos of this shoot with it. However it will be used more in the future, a box of 120 film is on it's way! A previous blog post all about this camera can be seen here if you are interested. :P  

Photo by Angela
This time no police were called to stop us shooting and no one fell off a wall, it all went smoothly and I can't wait to share the photos with you all! (wasn't meant to rhyme. :P ) I can't share any more from this shoot yet unfortunately, just keep your fingers crossed it gets accepted for submission! :D

Credits for the shoot are:

Stephanie Linda Pause
Sara Grabek

Angela Wilkinson

Maria Martin-Caro

Me... :P

Click on their links and follow them and stuff because they are all great! :D

Engagement Shoot and Brighton Media Centre

Also this week I did my first ever engagement shoot! It was nice to experience another side of photography and while it isn't exactly the sort of thing I would shoot usually it was still good fun and an enjoyable experience, the couple was also lovely, congratulations to them! :D Having a nice big studio to shoot in was a definite perk too! :P

Photo by Nadia

The shoot took place at Brighton Media Centre where my friend Nadia works, she did the make-up/styling for the shoot too!

While the couple was having a look through the images I got to meet a great character who works there, he told me all sorts of great stories about photographers of the 60's in London where he used to work. So nice to talk to someone about photography in real life, I don't know maybe people who are actually interested in it haha.

The Skeleton Project

Week 35 and it's another wet one! Here is our bone based chum buggering about in water again!

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