Fashion Photography 101 and The Skeleton Project Week 41

Fashion Photography 101

Several months ago I was approached by publishing company Ilex Press and photographer Lara Jade to shoot a set of images for a lighting guide with model Stephanie Linda Pause that would be included in the new book they were in the process of making.

You can see the behind the scenes blog entry here for that shoot. We were asked to shoot 13 different lighting setups for the studio section of the book. Here are a few of my favourites from the day!

And so last week I found out from Lara that the book had finally been released and I immediately went and ordered myself a copy of the book! A few days later and I was the proud owner! :D

Putting aside the fact that some of my work is included I must say that it is fantastic! Ilex and Lara have done an amazing job of putting the book together! Having access to Lara's vast knowledge of fashion photography any time you need it is great! 

The way the book is laid out effortlessly guides you through each stage of fashion photography, from equipment to inspiration to setting up your studio and retouching your final images. 

Along with all the essential information and advice the book is filled with Lara's amazing photography, immediately you are struck with one of her stunning portraits on the cover and it continued all the way through, it's both an art book and learning resource at the same time and I highly recommend it!

Here is a little .gif of the pages I worked on with Stephanie! If you get your hands on the book you will find me starting at page 74-81!

You can buy the book on Amazon here and I think it is stocked in major book shops too such as Waterstones. :)

Don't forget to check out Lara's amazing work, you can find her on her website or on facebook

And you should also have a look at Ilex Press they produce loads of great books! You can find them on their website and facebook too. 

Also follow the always wonderful Stephanie as well! :) 

The Skeleton Project

Week 41! This photo is based on Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian man... although with less skin obviously hehe.

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