Kitsch Weekend, Golden Age Magazine and The Skeleton Project Week 44

Kitsch Weekend and Golden Age Magazine

Back in August I had a little shoot around Brighton seafront with the beautiful model Abi Green and the wonderfully talented make-up artist Angela Amelia  The photos focused on Abi having a good old colourful time on the rides, on the beach and on the pier.

With the colourful styling and the bright scenery as well as the plastic mood given off from the amusements I came to the name Kitsch Weekend for this shoot, imagining Abi enjoying a few days at the beach. 

This shoot was submitted to the wonderful Golden Age Magazine and this week marks the release of issue 11 and within it's pages are some images from this shoot!

You can view the magazine in it's entirety by clicking the image below!

Here are some other images from the shoot!

And here is the little gif animation I made from this shoot again too!

Be sure to check out the team and the magazine!

Model: Abi Green
Make-up/hair/styling: Angela Amelia
Publication: Golden Age Magazine
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The Skeleton Project

Week 44 is here, a bit of a serious black and white for those that like that kind of thing! :D

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