Z Mode and The Skeleton Project Week 42 and 43

Shoot for Z-Mode

Last Sunday I made the trip to London to shoot the awesome Summer 2013 collection by Z-Mode. Unusually for the time of year we managed to land on a sunny day and were only troubled by the odd cloud in the way every now and then... having said that though it was bloody freezing for most of the time!

I met up with Sara at Victoria and we made our way to an apartment in Bethnal Green where the shoot prep was to be based. Once there we met up with the rest of the team. Stephanie who was modelling with Sara, Brendan who was doing the hair and make-up, Victoria who is the designer, Maria the stylist, and Michael, B and Lucie who were filming the behind the scenes video!

Here is a little back of camera preview from the day!

And one behind the scenes photo! More soon I am sure! :P

Photo by Victoria (Instagram @zmodefashion)

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Models: Stephanie and Sara 
Make-up/hair: Brendan 
Clothing/designer: Victoria
Styling: Maria
BTS Video: MichaelB and Lucie

The Skeleton Project

Not only did I not post a photo last week, I have to post one this week too! Oh the joys of not posting one week and having to post two the next. What am I going on about. Week 42 AND week 43!

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