Posters And The Skeleton Project Week 51


So last week I was going to go on about these but they didn't arrive... but they are here now so here goes. :P

As I said last week I am trying to get a lot more of my work off the computer and printed out. Not only because it it good to have some physical backup of my photos it's nice to actually see them! They sit on my website or in a file on my hard drive and I don't really look at them properly myself... probably because that leads to the big headed side, but I quite like the photos I took so they may as well go on my wall haha.

For the test run I got four prints done, the models are Abi GreenSara Grabek and Stephanie Linda Pause. Here are a few photos of the framing/hanging process. :)

A bunch more are on their way! Next thing to do is print enough to fill my portfolio as A3 is clearly better than A4. :D

The Skeleton Project

Week 51 and the end is near.

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