Printed Things, Website Update And The Skeleton Project Week 50

Printed Things

I haven't shot in AGES so this (and probably the next few if I can't find something to do) is a random filler blog post... enjoy haha. 

I recently had a complete printed portfolio update and it was the first time I had seen my photos printed at that size, I thought I should start getting some even bigger prints done. So this week I ordered 4 12x16 prints to fill the frames I had knocking around from when I thought this would be a good idea last time haha. This time it is a good idea... probably! 

While I wait for them to arrive though something smaller fell through the letter box the other day brimming with prints of a different kind... new business cards! I ordered a whole range of various images to see what ones worked best on the cards, here they are:

Website Update

This week I also gave my website a bit of an update! Nothing much to do with the layout but I have added my latest published shoot 'Dreams of the Sisters' (blog post) as well as my 'Fall' shoot with Stephanie (blog post) and I have updated my Skeleton Project page and Analogue Box page.

The Skeleton Project

Week 50... they are eggs.

Don't forget you can follow the project here.