Stories End

Stories End

So last week marked the end of my year long project! You can see the entire thing on my website here: or you can see them on tumblr here too.

During the course of the year while setting up the photos I also took some images for a video I wanted to create at the end. A couple of weeks ago I finally sat down to teach myself Premier Pro and make put the stop motion together.

And here is said video!

The music is by the very talented Chris Collins, go check out his stuff at the following places!

Did you also notice how the title of the film ties in so nicely with it being the end of the year too? All part of the plan... :P

Photography wise this project has really helped me refine my skills and give me something to do even when I didn't have any photoshoots planned (which was the original point of the project)

This year is also kind of what I consider the start of photography for me, a lot of good things have happened and it's almost as though I am a "photographer" if you know what I mean haha, as I cringe while typing that. :D

Here are some pointless stats for me to beat next year, this might be interesting if you're boring like me. :D I managed to get my work published in 1 book and. 8 magazines I was featured on 19 websites and I had over 18 photoshoots. I shot for Brighton Fashion Week, I learnt studio lighting and created my own home studio for a shoot as well as shooting in a commercial studio for the first time. And lastly (I think) I completed my first year long project! :D

Next year one of the things I most want to do is to collaborate with designers and stylists to create more elaborate and bigger shoots for more magazines and such, so if you're reading this and interested in working with me get in touch