Beauxoxo Shoot, MDLM Interview and Buggered PC

Beauxoxo Shoot

For months and months Georgie of Beauxoxo, Stephanie and I have been trying to arrange a shoot together and last weekend we finally got everything together along with make-up artist Katherine Louise and Keely of Kee Boutique who provided the clothing.

We met up at a fantastic roof garden in the Kensington area of London and while the weather was surprisingly good in the morning it got a bit grey by the time we were ready to shoot and bloody cold too, but as luck would have it there was a perfect sheltered area that we could use.

We were shooting Georgie's spring/summer butterfly collection, here are a couple of behind the scenes photos and a few previews too! :)

Photo by Katherine Louise
Photo by Katherine Louise

Be sure to check out the wonderful team!

Model: Stephanie Linda Pause
Make-up: Katherine Louise
Accessories Designer: Georgie Beauxoxo
Clothing: Kee Boutique

MDLM Interview

The other week I was contacted by the lovely Alinde from MDLM about possibly doing an interview with me for her website having seen the photo from my Z-Mode shoot (see blog post here for that) the designer of which she interviewed previously, you can see Victoria's interview here.

I of course agreed and got to work writing my responses straight away! You can have a read by clicking here or on the image below. :)

Be sure to check out the rest of the website and follow Alinde on twitter too! :)

Buggered PC

And in other news... that makes it sound more lighthearted than the other stuff. It bloody wasn't. :P

My computer decided that it would commit suicide, as I was fiddling about on Photoshop when I heard a weird electrical bang and with it went my computer. On the up side it meant that a new one was required so off to the internet I went with a borrowed stack of cash and the ordering commenced. A few days later a pile of parts arrived and I got to work.

It was just a little less than a week without a proper computer but it felt like months haha, but now everything is in order and I'm ready to edit again. :D