Test With Vanessa

Test With Vanessa

So today was my first shoot of the year and also my first shoot in over 9 weeks! It was great to get behind the camera again! 

Me and Vanessa had been trying to shoot together for a while but something seemed to get in the way every time until today. We met up outside the Royal Pavilion this morning and set to shooting! For our first look the sun... THE SUN came out, but when we went to the cemetery it all went grey, which was rather appropriate. :D

Here are a few previews from our shoot, obviously I haven't edited much because the shoot was a matter of hours ago and I am incredibly lazy. :P

Be sure to follow Vanessa on twitter and you can find her on Model Mayhem too. :)

I have some great shoots on the way so keep your eye on the blog in the coming months! Posts might not be as regular now that my Skeleton Project is over but hopefully I will either replace that with more tests or think up another project to do. :D

If you missed the show Skeleton thing you can see the project in it's entirety on my website here: www.tomsimmonds.com/skeletonproject

And you can see the stopmotion video I made to round off the project here: www.vimeo.com/55659376