The Wonders of 54mm Negatives

The Wonders of 54mm Negatives

Back in September of last year I had a test shoot with the beautiful Sara Grabek, you can see the blog posts about that shoot here and here. During the shoot I tested out a new back I recently got for my Bronica ETR-Si, the 135mm W back.

The unique thing about this back, other than what a pain it is to get your hands on is that it gives you 54x24mm negatives rather than the standard 36x24mm. The trouble with this was getting them scanned in properly, which is why they sat around in my house doing bugger all until I finally took them to a specialist shop and to them converted. 

I have tried using a light box (and when I say light box I mean an iMac... probably not recommended) and DSLR to get digital versions but it is quite laborious and sorting the colours out is rather annoying. I am going to get myself a proper one soon though and I will go into that when it arrives.

In the mean time however, here are some of the photos that we got on the day using the 135 W Back. :D

Be sure to check out Sara's modelling work on her facebook page here!