Hardet Shoot and Stephanie in the Sun


During my shoot last Wednesday with Vanessa Tait (see more on that shoot in this post), she told me that a local shop stocking Hardet clothing was looking for someone to shoot a few pieces of their stock with her, I of course said yes and the Saturday after we made our way to the beach to get shooting! 

The weather was amazing, or at least it seemed amazing compared with what we have been having for the past year or so haha. And although the sun was welcome it took me a while to get into the flow of shooting in such harsh sunlight again, definitely something I would like to have more practice in, mainly because I don't have to wear a coat. :P

We just had a couple of hours and a couple of bits of clothing but I am happy with what we got and I think we got the right feel in the images. :)

Here is a back of camera preview from the day and a work in progress:

Stephanie in the Sun

Last weekend also marked my 8th shoot with the wonderful Stephanie (Who was also recently signed to Leni's Model Management, I couldn't be more pleased for her! Magazine covers and travelling the world soon no doubt! :D ).

The fantastic weather continued into Sunday and it meant we were able to get some photos in the sun for the first time in AGES! It was still cold but it was better than rain. :P Stephanie came down and we met in central Brighton in the morning, after that we made our way back to mine to prep for the shoot. Not only is Stephanie a wonderful model but has been trained as a make-up artist. As well as that she also styled this shoot. Shes super efficient! :D

After the make-up was sorted we took a trip down to the beach for our first look, we were a bit worried that protests happening in the city would ruin our location but as luck would have it they had all either buggered off or had been arrested by the time we arrived. 

Despite the sun it was actually colder than we thought on the sea front and also quite windy, the hat we had for this look decided flying away was a good idea. Damn hat! We survived though and that's what matters. :P

After that we made our way back to mine again to change up the make-up for the next look.

And again after that for the final look. 

And that wrapped up about 5 hours of shooting! And I can't wait for the next one! :D But in the mean time I have over 20gb of photos to edit so I won't be seeing natural light for a while. :P