A Day in the Park

Day in the Park

The other week I got in touch with the beautiful Stephanie to shoot a little summer themed editorial, I knew would be perfect for it! But also, if there is any excuse to shoot with her I will take it. :D

After a bit of planning we got round to shooting last Thursday at the wonderful Battersea Park, I had never been there myself but I had seen photos and have wanted to shoot there for a long time. I will definitely be going back, there is so much left to explore!

As luck would have it the sun was actually shining for most of the shoot and it was pretty warm too! We definitely need more of those kind of days please, cloud god... if you're listening... go away.

As these are hopefully for submission I can't show much but here is a back of camera preview and a couple of behind the scenes type images. :)

I have a rather limited time to edit these so I might be able to show the final images sooner than usual, keep an eye out for them in a future post! :)