Available in Print, Hardet and Bank Holiday Shoot

Available in Print

Yesterday a couple of magazines that my work had previously been featured in became available to purchase in print form!

Atlas Magazine, featuring my Dreams of the Sisters shoot can be bought here!


Coco Magazine, featuring my Seaside Town shoot can be bought here!


A few weeks ago I shot some lookbook images for the clothing brand Hardet with Vanessa on Brighton beach, you can see a bit more behind the scenes from that shoot here

These are some of the final photos!

Bank Holiday Shoot

Last Monday I met up with Vanessa for a little shoot in the afternoon. We felt it best to make use of what little sun there was! Here are a couple of images from the day:

 Also on the way back from the shoot as the sun was going down I took a few landscape photos, something I don't usually do, but I really liked how the rocks looked and I thought they might be good for something later. :D