Shooting at the Pergola


Over Easter I was looking to get some people together to shoot something new, I got an email from a stylist called 
Christianne, she had access to some amazing designs. Although we didn't end up shooting over the holiday we continued the planning which finally lead up to last weekend! I had wanted to shoot at the Pergola in Hampstead Heath for a few years now and when Christianne sent me the designs for one of the dresses we would be using I knew it would be the perfect location!

Myself and the rest of the team each made our way to the location on Saturday morning, the team was fantastic and you can find them and their work online here by following these links:

Model - Rosemarie TPaulo-Ribeiro Management.
Make-up - Courtney Scarlett Boyd.
Styling - Christianne Lucianne.
Styling Assistant - Jay Singh.
Dress Designers - Talya Valdona and Rachel Deeming.
Jewellery Designers - Scarlett Sturrock and Revivial.

The day started out quite sunny, albeit pretty windy. Unfortunately that wind seemed to blow a load of rain our way and just as we were getting into shooting it tipped it down. As luck would have it there were a couple of sheltered places and we stayed dry for the most part! During the breaks in the rain we managed to get the images and footage we needed! And just in time before everyone started to either freeze or drown.

After a good few hours of shooting we wrapped up with the final look and made our way back to the station as the sun game out. I'm not surprised any more haha, it always seems to end that way.

Here is a little back of camera preview from the first look of the day!

Be sure to keep your eye out for a future post featuring the images from this shoot, they are set to be good! :D