Chessie's Pool

Chessie's Pool

Last week I got a message from the wonderful Chessie who I had shot with way back in April of last year (see that blog post here). She wanted to know if I was up for shooting again and I of course said yes! 

I was invited to her home in Kent and in the morning of Tuesday last week I made my way to the station and the long train ride there. During the train journey I saw some wonderful possible future shoot locations, as is always the way on a train journey. Every few minutes something interesting flies by and it's both inspiring and kind of irritating too, because trains go through interesting places and you can just jump off whenever you like... well you would but you probably shouldn't. :P

When I arrived at the station Chessie met me there and we drove back to her house, as we arrived I saw the most amazing house, surrounded by large gardens a forest, and just past the house in the background was a huge lake. It was a beautiful place, and I was honored to have been invited there.

As the weather was still in summer mode we decided to make use of the recently refurbished pool that sat in view of the lake. This was my first time shooting a model in a pool and it was a great experience! It was my first time trying a little underwater photography too! I have had this little analogue camera with an underwater casting for years now and it finally got some use. The photos are currently being developed... or thrown in the bin haha. I'm very curious to see how they turned out, or if they even turned out at all. Fingers crossed!

Here are a few of behind the scenes photos from the day courtesy of Chessie's sister Brontë who helped us out with the shoot. :)

And here are a couple of previews!

Model/make-up: Chessie King
Assistant: Brontë King
Photography: Thomas Cole Simmonds