Czech-ing out Prague

Czech-ing out Prague

It doesn't seem like more than 5 minutes ago that me and my friends were talking about where we could travel too this summer over a drink in one of the local pubs. Time just goes it seems, especially when you're looking back. 

Well now I've been back in England a few weeks and already it feels like I had never even left, I'm back to the usual routines but my desire to travel more has only grown stronger. And although that's an exciting thought I know it will be a a while before I can afford to do it again. So I guess it's time to kick some money saving arse and get back on a plane as soon as possible! 

Prague is a truly beautiful city and definitely rated highly among my favourite places! The architecture alone is worth visiting for not to mention the wonderful welcoming people and all the other sights to see. I had thought that possibly shooting abroad would be a fantastic experience but my lack of knowledge of good locations would be somewhat of a hindrance in arranging such a thing, having experienced Prague for a time and discovered so many amazing places that would be perfect to photograph along with a model I know now that it is something I not only can do but MUST do! And not just in Prague either, all over the world!

I wanted to travel as light as possible so I didn't take my main camera with me on the trip, however I took my Canon AE-1 along for the ride and although it wasn't with me every day (my stupid fault) I did manage to get a few photos of my journey.

This was the view from my hotel window, and as it happens one of the places I would love to shoot in most, my room had high ceilings and huge old wooden double doors. I can just imagine the kind of shoot I would do there, but for now I will just enjoy the view.

Another location I will definitely have to go back to is the National Museum, one of the most beautiful buildings I saw in Prague, possibly anywhere!

We also visited Prague Zoo, it took us 7 hours to walk around it and I still don't think we saw all the animals that were there. This wasn't so much of a location scouting day but I find zoo's fascinating.

While on the bus back to our hotel we spotted what might be one of the most fairy tale like buildings I have ever seen, situated in the trees at the bottom of a cliff side was this yellow house with a bright red roof, It was as though it was torn from the pages of a Grimm book or something. I managed to get a snap just as it disappeared from view.

On our last day we took a 2 and a half hour trip to the town of Kutná Hora to visit the Sedlec Ossuary, a church that contains the bones of between 40-70 thousand people. Some of the bones have been arranged into strange sculptures, some have been turned into giant goblets or chandeliers. Strings of skulls hang from the ceilings and in the transepts there are huge piles of skulls.

It's both beautiful and disturbing at the same time, and by far one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. 

And to round it all off, here are a few images from the window of the plane. Prague, you were amazing and I hope to be back again soon! Hopefully with a model and wardrobe in tow.