Back in June I had what was probably one of my largest shoots, along with a great team and location we put together a fantastic shoot and this week it was finally published, and in such a fantastic magazine too! :D You can see the behind the scenes from this shoot in a previous post here.

The magazine is question is the wonderful Xquisit Magazine! You can view it below on pages 12-23 or follow this link

And here are some of the final images as well as a short to go along with the shoot. :)

You can also see more on my website at


Model - Rosemarie T @ Paulo-Ribeiro Management.
Make-up - Courtney Scarlett Boyd.
Styling - Christianne Lucianne.
Styling Assistant - Jay Singh.
Dress Designers - Talya Valdona and Rachel Deeming.
Jewellery Designers - Scarlett Sturrock and Revivial.