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So as per usual with this time of year, absolutely bugger all is happening, and photoshoots are about as easy to arrange as is is to... do something quite difficult. So with that in mind I thought I'd give everything to do with my photography a bit of a make-over. Think scrapheap challenge meets photography websites and you'll have no idea what I'm talking about.

First thing to get done up was my portfolio! I was already pretty happy with it but it was somewhat repetitive with the imagery and I had some new work that I wanted to put in it. I made my way to Photobox.co.uk (I would highly recommend them) as per usual when ordering prints and as luck would have it their Christmas sale had 1 day remaining so I got to work sorting out all the images I needed and a couple of days later a huge tube arrived at the door brimming with photos!

And here we are, a little peek at my updated A4 and A3 portfolios! :)

Business Cards

The second thing to get an overhaul was my business cards! In the past I've had a favourite photo of mine on it but for this batch I thought I go with something a little more timeless!

I hopped on Photoshop... or more accurately stayed on photoshop as I never get of it haha. I thought going for an aperture design along with a simple drawing of a camera, after a few hours of buggering about I finally had something I was happy with, this is the design I finally decided on! 

Now I'm just waiting to see how they turn out when they arrive. I ordered them from Moo.com, another site I wholeheartedly recommend! 


The third thing to get an update was the logo for my website! This was pretty easy as all I had to do was take the aperture design my my new business cards and fill in the blanks with some photos. :P

Here is how it turned out!


And the last thing to get an update was my website! I had been hesitant to change it for the longest time as it was as close as I could get it to how I wanted it to look. But 4ormat.com (the website provider I use) has had a lot of updates lately and a new theme that I could customise in the way I wanted was available so I took the plunge!

It's still slightly under construction as some shoots on there are unreleased at the moment! However it's pretty much done, you can check it out as always at this link! www.tomsimmonds.com