Colourama Drama

Colourama Drama

Last weekend I met up with Lydia, Vicky and model Twig for a studio shoot in Brighton. We originally had hoped to use an assortment of coloured backdrops for this set but as usual something goes awry. None of the studios that had them were affordable so we decided to go with lighting gels instead, and here was the second problem, they didn't arrive until the day after the shoot so it was make-do time with the two colours I was able to find in a local shop! :D

Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos!

As the aforementioned little problem thwarted our colourful dreams I had to add a subtle splash of pizzazz to the images in photoshop! Below is an edit in progress:

Keep an eye out in a future post for the final images! :)

Be sure to check out the rest of the team:

Model: Twig UK
Make-up/hair: Lydia Pankhurst
Stylist: Torie Smith