From the 1st of August until the 17th me and a friend went on an adventure through 8 countries in Europe using InterRail passes. We started our journey in our home town of Brighton, from there we drove to the ferry terminal in the town of Newhaven and from there we passed through France, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, back down to Slovenia and Croatia and then back up through Hungary and finally ending the trip in Romaina. From there we flew back to London and caught a train back home.

Below are a few images that I took along the way! Here is where the holiday really began with our train from Dieppe to Paris!

After reaching our hostel we went to explore the local area and then make our way to various landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

We were back on the train again and heading for our next stop - Bratislava, however we made a quick stop in Munich along the way and then passed through Vienna!

After Slovakia we made our way towards Pula in Croatia but not before a quick stop in Ljubljana!

During our time in Croatia we visited the Colosseum and the beautiful national park island of Brijuni.

After this we got back on the trains for our journey to Budapest! Here just out of luck we managed to book tickets to the Sziget festival that was happening during our stay. We got to see Queens of the Stone Age and Deadmau5!

Off one last time, although this wasn't our longest journey (that was 24 hours on multiple trains) this was our longest uninterrupted journey on the same train at 16 hours. At the end of it we found ourselves in Bucharest where we visited what is supposed to be heaviest building in the world - the Palace of the Parliament.

And finally we boarded the plane home to England and the journey was over... until next year at least!

You can see my post from last year where I went to the Czech Republic too!