Elizabeth and 125Live Exhibition


A couple of weeks back I finally met up with the wonderful Elizabeth Vartanian Collier who you might know as Gallery Girl from her fantastic blog - if not you should definitely have a look! We met up in London for an adventure amongst the dinosaurs and sphinxes in the Crystal Palace gardens. Below are some of the final images from the day! :)

Model/Make-up: Elizabeth Vartanian Collier
Photography/Styling: Thomas Cole Simmonds (26-09-15)

125Live Exhibition

Last week I was invited to the private viewing of the 125Live exhibition in London as one of the featured artists, this was incredibly exciting and a great honour to have been selected to be part of the show! 

Our image (taken with the wonderful Sara Grabek) from a few years back was chosen and also included in the 125 Annual. If you are in London between now and the 20th October be sure to pop in and have a look, there is a huge range of amazing work there to see! :) Details can be found on the 125 website here. And here are a few images leading up to the event. :) And to have one of my images exhibited for the first time!