The Descent and The Calm Before the Storm - 16-03-2017

‘The Descent’ and ‘The Calm Before the Storm’ is a two-channel video piece that represents the aspects and emotions I have decided to focus on from the Orpheus myth.

My interpretation is centred around the feeling of apprehension that one might experience in a journey to another world, or an ‘underworld’. I represented this in modern way using analogy and a contemporary viewpoint. I represented this by using a lift as a vehicle for the analogy of descent. Along with this I created a virtual scene that represented an aeroplane waiting on a runway, the virtual nature of this scene represents the otherworldly nature of an ‘underworld’ as it quite literally is another world.

The passage of time is incredibly important within this work in order to create a feeling of tension, at 10 minutes long we see a shift in the lighting and tone of the lift and a transition from early evening to night within the airport scene. The audio gradually increases over the course of the piece which, along with the extended duration and subtly shifting colours enables feelings of fear and dread to emerge from the viewer.


A PHONEY WAR - 01-12-2017

“Always trust computer games.” - Ridley Pearson

The conceptual base of this project is to explore the ideas between the virtual world and the real, to highlight the ever-blurring lines between video games and war. As technology advances, the realism in videogames becomes ever more true to life and at the same time real life conflicts are resolved using more video game like processes. Along with this, I am exploring ideas of propaganda and the possible deceit in photography initiated by the artist. I hope to have accomplished this by forming a project around these ideas on war journalism and more specifically war photography and video games as simulacrums for war.


The work consists of a series of virtual images transformed via analogue techniques with the intention to showcase a fictional conflict that has been brought into reality via its presentation. My images are born from fictitious origins and presented in a way that takes them from that and into reality.

SNAPSHOTS - 27/11/2015

The basic premise for this project on landscape was to recreate a typical set of snapshots that one might take throughout their travels, however rather than just shooting landscapes I wanted to use my memories from a digital world. The plan was to search through an archive of screen shots I had taken while immersed in a certain digital world many years ago, and to pick out the most suitable images. Once I had the images I wanted I would then bring them into the physical world by rephotographing them using analogue methods.